It’s a Luau!

My pot luck party theme has been set! Any guesses. Think tropical… think hula skirts!

Yes, that’s right. It’s a Luau!!

I’m so excited for this. It’s the perfect summer time theme. So I have a month to prepare. What steps have I taken so far?

After I determined a date, I sent out an Evite to my guests.  Evite is the easy, cute, and cheap way to send invitations web-style. Check out the preview below.

Evite screenshot

Evite screenshot

Be sure to include reminders that if they attend, they’ll need to bring something to eat. As the host, I will provide the main course and drinks. Everyone else can bring either an appetizer, side dish, or dessert. After the RSVP date, contact all your “Yes” people and have them sign up for a food option. (You don’t want all desserts…well maybe you do!)

Stay tuned for more details!

Have an theme idea for dinner night? Share!



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