Shower Her With Food!

Saturday I am hosting a bridal shower at my house.  I’ve hosted one bridal shower myself before, and helped with another one… but never did I do the cooking! Yikes, I’m nervous. Granted it’s a small group (10-15 people… don’t you love “maybe’s”) but I still feel the pressure.

I am recovering from an inner ear virus (umm can you say vertigo?) yet running around trying to get things done. Not a good mix.

So far I picked up some impressive fake orchids at AC Moore (60% off). I plan to either make an arrangement with these, or pick off the bulbs and scatter around them around the table or place on cloth napkins.

Then what you all really care about… the food! Yes the food. So what’s on the menu?


Stuffed Mushrooms

Lunch Items
Chicken Parm
Baked Ziti with meatballs


So Friday night and Saturday morning will be jam-packed with fun, delicious smells — and sweat! Wish me luck! Oh yeah, if anyone has a favorite recipe for stuffed mushrooms, send them my way please!




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