Bridal Shower Success

The bridal shower on Saturday was a success! The food was delicious, company was great, and best of all, the bride-to-be was pleased!

It really was a lot of work–at least the cooking was.  I spent Friday night from 7:30-10:30 p.m. cooking, and then Saturday morning 8-12p.m. finishing up and making final touches to the room, all while trying to make myself decent looking.

I set up the room in the kitchen/living upstairs. It was especially humid out,  so I had to do all my cooking downstairs (didn’t want our guests sweating all over the place.)

So I was running up and down the stairs checking on the food.  I wanted everything to be warm so I was waiting as long as I could to finish heating the food in the oven.

Again, here was the menu–

Stuffed mushrooms

Baked Ziti
Chicken Parm


cupcakes and cookies (store bought)
Tirimisu (other bridesmaid brought)
Fresh Fruit Platter


Here’s what I did to prepare for guests arrival at 12:30p.m.:

Friday night:

Cooked chicken parm sauce (no meat)
Cooked Pasta sauce with meatballs
Fried chicken cutlets and arranged in baking dish
Prepared brushetta tomato topping; mixed all ingredients minus salt
Chopped up salad w/cucumbers and pre-sliced julienne carrots
Washed and arranged fruit on a platter

Saturday Morning:
Topped chicken parm with tomato sauce and cheese
Boiled pasta and arranged in baking dish with sauce and cheese (removed meatballs to another baking dish)
Pre-pared stuffed mushrooms
Toasted brushetta bread

Saturday starting at 11:30am:
Baked Stuffed Mushrooms (reheated at 12:30)
Baked Ziti for 45 minutes (needs time to cool a little so easy to scoop)
Baked chicken Parm
Reheated meatballs
Made sangria mix

I think that was everything! A lot of the food went, but I obviously cooked extra so we’ve been eating leftovers since!

Some other tidbits, don’t forget the salad dressing, butter for bread and of course background music!

I found some Enya, and the Practical Magic soundtrack.  It was the perfect mix.

Now I know you’re looking for pictures of food.  But since I was running around like a mad woman I didn’t get to take pictures of everything 😦

I did get a nice shot of bruschetta and the uncooked stuffed mushrooms. I’ll post these very soon.



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