You Say Tomato, I say… Let’s Eat!

As promised, here is my bruschetta recipe. This is a tried and true recipe–always get compliments every time I make these.

Ingredients are key here. I absolutely recommend vine ripe tomatoes. You can buy them in the grocery store, or if you are lucky enough to have a green thumb, you can pick them in your backyard! Also, bread should be a nice rustic italian loaf. You can use a french loaf if you’re looking for smaller portions, but I don’t think it tastes as good.

So here we go…


Serves: 4-6

4-6 large vine-ripened tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh Basil
Fresh mozzarella
Ground pepper and salt
Loaf of bread

Dice up tomatoes while trying to keep all the juice in the bowl. Add 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and chopped fresh basil.

Let this marinate up to an hour, but the longer the better. I try to let it marinate overnight if I can.

Prior to serving, season the tomatoes with pepper and salt and add the mozzarella. If you buy the small balls of buffalo mozzarella you can add them whole, or cut them in half.

Slice your bread into small serving pieces and lightly toast in the oven. Drizzle the bread pieces lightly with the remaining olive oil. Use more than the tablespoon if you have to.

Finally, top the bread slices with your tomato mixture. If you’ll be serving right away, then go ahead and add the juices to the bread. Otherwise, I would not spoon the juices as the bread will get soggy.

Make sure to try one for yourself first–of course!



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