Pathological Photo Snapper!

How interesting, two people sent me this link today.

You trying to tell me something? No I do not photograph everything I eat. I don’t think I could do that to my boyfriend, family or friends.
How annoying! I know it would drive me nuts. But I can totally get how doing this would be addicting and keep people on their dieting toes. Every time I cook a meal, I’m in the kitchen snapping away trying to get a hint of light at 8 p.m. while the food is getting cold!

The articles say, “Photographing meals becomes pathological, however, if it interferes with careers or relationships or there’s anxiety associated with not doing it. “I’d have to ask if they would feel O.K. if they didn’t do it,” said Tracy Foose, a psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, who treats patients with obsessive-compulsive disorders. “Could they resist the urge to do it?””

Scary! I am in no way going to put myself out there to become a pathological food snapper!

But hey, if you’d like to jump on the bandwagon and take some cool pictures…

“Evidently aware of the trend, manufacturers like Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Fuji have within the last two years released cameras with special “food” or “cuisine” modes, costing around $200 to $600. “These functions enable close-up shots with enhanced sharpness and saturation so the food colors and textures really pop,” said Terry Sullivan, associate editor of digital imaging technologies at Consumer Reports.”

Happy Snapping,


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