It’s all in the Olives

How do you choose the best olive oil?

I celebrated my birthday about a month ago. My boyfriend took me to the North End where we dined at Davide’s.

I wanted to share our antipasto food experience here since I always tell everyone about it. It was amazing!

We started out with the Stuzzico Antipasto. The Stuzzico consisted of San Daniele prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and roasted bell peppers.

The key ingredient in this simple salad was the olive oil. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was. Literally, my lips felt so weird because the quality was just so good.

It got me thinking about the olive oils I buy (usually Filippo Barrio) and how the quality is OK, but not great.

Read this great article about the quality of olive oils and how they are lacking in our supermarkets and restaurants:

Raymond Francis, the author of this article states, “Find an extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed, unfiltered, and looks cloudy. The oil should be packaged in dark glass bottles to protect it from the damaging effects of light. Real olive oil is still made in small estate bottled settings.”

There actually is a website out there called Take a look at some of the listings there to get an idea of what you should be looking for.

Though you may not find the best premium product out there, you may find one better then the alternative. Try looking at your local italian markets.

So long story short, sure we ordered a salad. But it was so much more then that. Ingredients are key. So splurge once in a while to make a difference.




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