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Cheeseburger in Paradise, er Home

There is nothing like a good, juicy burger. Nothing. They are always my go-to choice when I go to a restaurant I haven’t been to before, or even ones I have. They are usually a safe bet to not be completely disgusting. I’ve very few burgers that blew my mind though. You know what I’m talking about –ketchup and mayonnaise smeared together, crisp delicious pickles, gooey cheese, juice drippings, charred taste. Ahh that charred taste, that’s the best part. Burgers are amazing grilled, no doubt about it. But it’s just too difficult to grill in the winter obviously. So how do you still get the juicy goodness inside? With a 2 step cooking process – fry and bake. Yeah you read that right.

I interrupt this blog post for a shout out to Mr. P. for enduring my 4:30p.m. chats requesting his assistance. An example:

me:  can you get 2 potatoes (in the hall closet in the orange basket) and microwave them for like 8 minutes. poke holes in them
Mr.P:  with a fork?
me: a knife please
Mr.P:   8 min on high?
me:  yes please
Mr.P: ok cool

And now back to our recipe…


1 lb 80% lean ground beef
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Cheddar Cheese slices
And all the condiments/sides you want


Start by blending the ground beef, garlic powder and worcestershire sauce together. To form your patty, take golf ball size pieces of meat and fit them together gently. The key is to form a nice airy burger, but firm enough so it will stay together.

Heat a skillet on medium/high heat. Spray the pan with cooking oil. Cook the burgers for 2 minutes of each side so they have a nice grilled look.

Next, place it in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees (I like my burger medium rare). But always cut open a little to make sure its done all the way – not worth getting sick!

I like caramelized red onions on my burger. Simply amazing. I just chop up some red onion and throw in some brown sugar until its caramelized.

Don’t forget to top your burger with cheese!!!

So good. I served our burgers with some delicious homemade potato wedges.

What do you like on your burger?